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UNHRD Malaysia and HELP Logistics are organising the Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP) course

09 February 2021

The course, which will be a first come first serve basis will begin on March 1, 2021 over a three-week period with a live virtual session on the fourth week to conclude the training.


UNHRD Malaysia and HELP Logistics Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP) course is a blended learning programme aimed at equipping aid workers and health staff with the most essential supply chain knowledge in the context of medical operations. Special focus will be put on the current impact of COVID-19.

The course consists of three main modules that are divided into 4-5 sub modules. Each module must be completed in sequence before advancing to the next. Completing of the course is after successful completion of all modules and sub modules and the respective quizzes after each sub module. 

The total duration is expected to be 8-10 hours with each sub module lasting around 15 minutes being completed without a time limit. The final live session will have a time limit and must be completed in 120 minutes.

Apply for the course through the link here and submit an application. The deadline for applications is February 22nd.

For queries, please contact Azura binti Ibrahim at 014-3370934 /



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