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Malaysia celebrates Human Rights Day: Recover Better – Stand Up For Human Rights

08 December 2020

Malaysia joins the international community in celebrating the International Human Rights Day which falls on 10 December every year.

For the celebration this year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Legal Affairs Division of the Prime Minister’s Department (BHEUU) will once again collaborate with SUHAKAM and the United Nations in Malaysia to organise a forum.

This year’s theme “Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights” is apt as the world is facing the dire impact of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health emergency with significant socio-economic repercussions that impact the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights dimensions. The forum will focus on the various challenges faced by different communities in the face of COVID-19, weigh the dimensions of human rights versus recovery and preserving life, as well as to explore best practices in moving ahead and rebuilding together.

The forum aims to promote public awareness and support for human rights, the work of various actors dedicated to promoting human rights, especially amongst youth, and to promote the spirit of cooperation and dialogue between various stakeholders, particularly the Government, National Human Rights Institution, academia, private sector and civil society.

We are pleased to invite the public to join us in this Forum on 10 December 2020, which will be held virtually through ZOOM application and YouTube Live. Further details on the Forum are available on the social media pages of MFA, BHEUU, SUHAKAM and United Nations in Malaysia.



Ahmad Hafiz Osman

Head of Communications and Advocacy

UN entities involved in this initiative

United Nations Resident Coordinator Office

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